Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I made a video of me doing this:

It was a minute or so long, and I just sat there listening to shitty weeaboo music. I made it for my friend. I was going to upload it for "lulz" or whateverthefuck you would like to call it, but among my internet friends I was deemed a camwhore, man, and retard. So, I just leave you with this simple picture.

I slept in today and missed my Chinese class. [Yo dawg, I speak Chinese. If you speak Chinese, I think it would be cool if we spoke Chinese together. So holler@me.] But anywho, I slept for 15 hours straight, and I wasn't even that tired when I went to bed. I think I might be dying or diseased.

I wish to purchase a Guymelef figurine online. Or maybe an Eva. If you own one and you bought it for cheap on a trustworthy website, then please let me know. I have 40 bucks to blow, and I would like to blow it on said things.

I think I may or may not start uploading drawings to my blog for honest critiques. Maybe.


  1. Do you speak Chinese well? I mean, I took German 2 years, but I sure as hell don't really speak German.

  2. highly interesting dude. keep up the strangeness

  3. You're not dying, you're just suffering from Collegius-Studentitus.

  4. I wouldn't say I'm entirely fluent. I can say things fairly well if I plan it out first. haha. I'm better at writing out and reading things than actually saying it outloud in a conversation.