Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am contemplating making this the ringtone for my phone. Actually, no. I'm going to download it right now and make it my ringtone.

       So, I am super fucking stoked for my boyfriend to get here. He is from Reno, and I met him from the internet. He came to visit me for a week at the beginning of this year, and then I went to stay with him in Reno for two months. Separating both times was really sad. He recently went to Canada to visit his dad and get a job. He got a job within days of being in Canada, whereas in Reno he was incapable of finding one. In other words, don't go to Nevada if you are looking for a job, unless you are going to be a stripper or hooker in Las Vegas.
      Anyways, he is extremely closer to me than he was in Reno, and as soon as he saves up he is going to come visit again, and then potentially move closer to me. It's really exciting. But let me tell you, long distance relationships are far from easy. Sometimes they are really hard. It sucks not being able to hug (or touch in any manner) your significant other.
      If you're thinking "Wow, how shallow. Obviously the emotional aspect is more important than the physical one." Well.... no. They go hand in hand, really. And emotions are shown through physical interaction/contact, so that makes the physical aspect even more important.

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  1. trololololoooo love that song.

  2. Looking at the Irish job market, being a hooker in Las Vegas seems like a fantastic option to me. Nice post, I hope you see your boyfriend soon, I (sort of) know the feeling - my girlfriend's going to University after the Summer, and could be well be heading to mainland Britain (flights suck.)